Lead to business, Lead growth into the future.

Following entrepeneurs directly in their company
We are a Management Team that:

  • Offers concrete support to companies.
  • Take precise tasks with entrepeneurs.
  • Operates in the company temporarily.
  • Our presence in the company is constant.
  • We participate in decision process.

La vision + Lead2B = Added Value

During the years, our task has been applied inside he companies and our continue update have generated a strong business culture.

Our strategical vision is always oriented towards the reality of the company.

We concentrate on:

  • focusing on the company results;
  • giving usefull strategies to add value to the company;
  • helping companies to create necessary conditions of changement to guarantee leading advantages.

Honesty and Moral Integrity

The success of our work depends on solid principles, such as Honesty, Moral Integrity and all the ideals that we believe in.


We believe in complete transparency in all our operations and we lead all our activities with our clients, partners and communities, in respect of the Law.


We adapt to the needs and time of our clients. We propose innovative solutions to create value with a low risk.

Combine forces to activate changement

We support and incourage entrepreneurs towards new challenges and we sustain the organization to:

  1. Overcome barries.
  2. Achieve the results planned.
  3. Increase value through innovation to take the opportunities that reinforce the profitability of the company.
  4. Overpass the economic and financial crisis with our experience.
  5. Promote strategical alliance during time..

The Management Team is part of the company

We pay attention to growth; Before meeting the company:

  1. we do a previous analisys of the company;
  2. we identify the company needs;
  3. we observe the company's dynamics.

We work next to the enterpreneur with

  • a shared objective;
  • common actions;
  • regular reports.


When we work in a turnaround, we put particular attention on the changement of the business model.

Development actions

Development actions focused on consolidating market positions, identifying new commercial nets and setting up and extending the share in potential markets.

Succession planning of family business

The approach of Succession planning of family business goes tthrough a selection of talents and following them in the company management.

Industrial holdings and Picking of Financial Partner

We are in favour of industrial holdings to reinforce the company and its integration strategies with the others. We help the company in picking its financial partner to sustain the company in achieving fast growth industrial planning.

  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Wellness goods
  • Cleaning Goods
  • Consumer Goods
  • Luxury Goods
  • Clothing
  • Insurance and finance
  • Media and marketing services
  • Manufacturing
  • Distributions
  • Renewable energy

Lead2B Limited
Vauxhall Bridge Road, 300 – London SW1V 1AA - United Kingdom